The Best Nail Strengthner EVER!

Nail Vitale Microcell 2000



Nail Vital Microcell 2000

This is the Best nail strengthener I ever tried! This is the product that made my nails what they are today. From weak, and short (because they were so thin and layers always chipped of) nails to long and strong!

This is not a nail strengthener that just give a hard finnish coat, but it strengthens your nails from the inside after a couple of weeks! But you have to follow the 4 steps;

1. One thin layer the first day

2. Second layer the next day

3. The third day you remove the polish so your nails can breathe

4. Now you repeat step 1,2 and 3 as long as you want too.

Sometimes I use it as a cure, as a break from all the nail polish. And when I  lacquer my nails I like to use it as a base coat.


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