What is this japan category??

You may have wondered what this Japan category in my menu is, and it’s empty too… 😐 (until now, haha). Or you haven’t noticed it at all… Anyways!! Precisely a week from now two friends of mine, Ida Marie and Fingar, plus me of course (!) will be on our way to Japan!!! Yeeeeeyyy!!!  I’m totally super excited! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ we’ve never been there before! I only wish that my japanese are way better than it is… But oh well.

We will stay in Japan for three weeks, mainly in Tokyo,  but also take a trip to Nagoya and Kyoto! This trip is not just a vacation for me, I’m going to look after inspiration that I can take home with me, take some street photos ( if I dare…! I’ll try my best not to run away… (。-_-。)), and hopefully get a network there! That would be awesome!

Japan is nr.1 in nailart! That’s what I think doh..  They have no limits! So to be able to work there, would be a dream come true!

Wish me luck!!  (^_−)−☆


2 thoughts on “What is this japan category??

  1. Wow! Super awesome! I hope you guys have a wonderful and safe trip! Hoping to see photos as well. 🙂

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