Pimpin’ up my Nail Wraps!

I bought this at IMATS in London last year, but I haven’t used it yet. The brand is Adoro, Glam Up Instant Nail Wrap. I really like the design, but it was a little bit too much black for my taste :3 Sooo I wanted to give them more color. I picked up my smallest dotting tool and started to experiment to find wich colors I wanted to use.  And I’m pretty pleased with the result 🙂

When it comes to nail stickers/wraps, I think they’re perfect for a quick and creative look that is easy to get. But just as fake nails and gelish, your natural nails can’t “breathe” enough and gets weak if you wear them too long.  Plus, they tend to chip off pretty easy.  so it’s only something I would wear only for under one week.

On the other hand, I’ve only tried this brand that is plastic based. If you know what I mean. I think there are some brands that’s  foil based that are thinner, so maybe they don’t chip of as easily. I would like to try different types too see the difference.


5 thoughts on “Pimpin’ up my Nail Wraps!

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