Kyoto! -Too excited to sleep!

We are now at Kyoto, Gion! This is the most amazing place I ever been! To come to the ryokan where we stay (Yoshimizu Inn), you have to walk trough the park/garden too a huuuge shrine! Or this is optional doh since you can walk arround it too…

It is white, orange, really beautiful and I don’t remember the name. I will write it in the comments when I do, haha sorry. But the garden! Oh my god it is so d**n beautiful! It’s just like a fairytale, or taken straight out of a Studio Ghibli movie! It is so large, I bet that if I find a hidden path and follow that, I will surely find Totoro! ❤

The ryokan is also so amazing.  They make you feel so welcome and so at home and even tell you “itterasshai” when you leave! This place is so more traditional than I hoped for, from the surroundings, the atmosphere and the building. Right now I’m lying on a futon that we had to roll out on the tatami mats :3 Sugoi neee?? Haha

Yoshimizu inn

Good night for now, I will post some photos tomorrow! We are getting a guided tour in Kyoto! ^^,


4 thoughts on “Kyoto! -Too excited to sleep!

  1. Så morsomt å lese bloggen din Helene. Den var veldig fin! Flott at turen har vært fin så langt. Hils Ida og Fingar fra oss her hejmme. Stor klem

    • Hehe det er bra å høre! Jeg har desverre ikke fått blogget så mye og det er så utrolig mye mer jeg vil skrive om. Jeg skal hilse og du får hilse alle hjemme fra meg!

  2. Hej kära granne ! ^^ Vad avundsjuk jag är, jag vill också åka till Japan ! Måste även besöka Kyoto när jag åker dit, det verkar så himla fint där ! ^^
    Vilken awesome blogg du har förresten !

    • Hei hei! Jaaaa det må du! Og du må til Kyoto! Det er litt turist sted, men kjempe vakkert! Heg kan absolutt anbefale det stedet hvor vi overnattet 🙂 tusen takk! Så fint å høre at du liker den (^∇^)

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