Got my nails done in Japan!

I have been home from Japan for almost 10 days now, and it is kinda depressing actually… I really miss Japan and can’t wait to get back there! Also, I didn’t get to blog as much as I hoped too, but I’ll write some now. Better late than never, right?

One of our last days in Japan, Ida and I went to get our nails done at TK Nail Palette in Shibuya, right before we were going to climb Mount Fuji, haha ( I think I will make a post about Fuji-san later). This wery stylish salon, and nail art school, are not so easy to be found, as it is at 3rd floor next to a parking house. But some of the girls who work there speaks really good english, and they are really talented! And so cute too! (*^o^*)

TK Palette Helene

I really adore my new nails! I’m so glad that gel nails keeps their finnish so good for so long! Yaaay! Love them! ❤  p( ^ω^ )q

TK Palette Ida

Ida wanted something simpler and cleaner, and I think that the colors and style really suites her well! So cute!

Thank you TK Nail Palette for making our nails beautiful!(*^◯^*) Here are their website :

Oh!One last thing! On our last saturday in Japan, we went to La Foret, Harajuku again, and the shop girl whose nails I posted before, came running towards me and said ; “Look! I got new nails now! *\(^∇^)/*”. She is so sweet and cool!! Here are her nails ❤ Gotta love the holographic :3

La Forete, Harajuku


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