Goldwell ColorZoom’13 contest in L.A.!

I’m so excited! for the second year in a row I am going to be a hairmodel for my hairdresser, Svetlana Jouini, in the hair coloring and styling competition, Goldwell ColorZoom! Today it’s 1 week until we (me, my hairdresser and a group of people working with Goldwell products), will go to Los Angeles too compete in the Goldwell ColorZoom contest!

Last year we were representing Norway in the New Talent category, as this was our first time using the products and participating. Then the event were held in London, and is one of the best things I ever experienced, so I can’t wait too se what the competition in L.A. is like!!  (≧∇≦)

In the competition you are going to recreate the hair that you made in the picture as similar as you possible can, and show that you are truly talented since you have to color the hair and then style it between the given time. There will we a lot of showing off for me ( since that is my job there) and I also has to walk on the catwalk for thousands of people… Scary. Each year they have a new theme, this year it is Beautify ( ^ω^ )

Here is their website.

Goldwell Color Zoom'13

This is our picture for this years competition! But this time they wanted us to participate in the Partner category, wich means that my hairdresser are now a partner with Goldwell! Yaaay! Congratulations! ❤ The pictures are taken by the very talented photographer, Natalia Pipkina (*^^*)

Wish us luck! ❤ o(^▽^)o

Here are last years picture!!

Goldwell ColoZoom 12'



2 thoughts on “Goldwell ColorZoom’13 contest in L.A.!

    • Hihi yes it is! I even got some friends from Japan trough that competition! (*^^*)
      But you can get cool hair too if you try asking some hair salons that you know got a good reputation and are willing to let them do whatever they want ;P but it’s risky doh… I trust my hairdressor !

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