Creative School days!

This week has been a really fun week! Finally we learned things that I have been yearning to get better at, NAIL ART! Yaaay! *\(^o^)/*

First we practiced how to make really fine strokes with a light hand, and then how to vary the lines. We then learned how to make lace pattern <3, water marble, marble with acrylics, simple acrylic flower with two colors, acrylic inlay designs, newspaper print, fun french with 2-3 colorfadings, stiletto nail, and sharp lines with acrylics inlay.  ^^, phew! That’s a lot in only two days! No wonder my head was tired…

Here are my experimenting first tries at the different kind off techniques ( ^ω^ )

I hope you like it! ^_^ And if you want to know how I did any of the techniques, just ask me! ❤

AND! This Wednesday we will have a Halloween competition! With full styling, makeup and nails on a model! I’m working on the nails now, and I’m excited to see what I end up with! (≧∇≦)please tell me if you have any gross ideas! Haha



2 thoughts on “Creative School days!

    • It’s not so hard if you already know how to work with the acrylics!
      You first pick up a small pearl of white acrylics with your acrylic detail brush, and then you dip it in the red acrylic! Now you should have a white and red pearl, then you place the acrylic pearl with the red down against the nail.
      Let it dry a bit until it looses it’s shine (if its too wet the product will end up everywhere), then you use the belly to flaten out the pearl, next step is to use sideedges of the brush to press it out at both sides of the petal, use the same technique to make the sharp pointed line in the middle. And at last give the petal a small lift with putting your brush tip under the petal in the midle of left and right side!

      I hope this was possible to understand! X) haha please let me know :3

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