Nail biter, before and after!

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry for not updating my blog ( I was just too lazy and had enough with school, exams and other personal stuff ) , but now I can proudly say that I’m out-examined as an Nail Technician at Tone Lise Akademiet! The time went by way to fast! I wish I could stay there 6 more months….

There is a lot that have happened, and a lot that have happened, but I wont make a post about that now… ☆彡


I want to talk about nail biting, and a costumer of mine from the school salon who came to me with almost no nails at all, and they was very thin and damaged. Also, her nails grows unnaturally fast ( something that is good for her, since it then are easier for her nails to heal). So every 2nd week she came to me for acrylics and loads of glitter, and after christmas they was long enough to wear only Gelish!

The main reason for her to why she wanted acrylics, is so she could not bite her nails. This is what I believe is the most efficient way to quit nail biting, since it’s too hard, plus most people don’t want to ruin their nails if they look good.


Why is it important to not bite your nails and the tissue around? It’s not only for the esthetic, but you also eat up your Hyponychium, which is a part of the nail bed that is visible from underneath your nails free-edge. The Hyponychium is a barriere that prevents bacteria and dirt from entering between your nail bed and nail plate. If this is hurt the chances of infections and the nail lifting from the nail bed is increased.

Also, it’s not natural for the nail to be this short, so your finger tips will protect itself by making the skin thicker. This will go back to normal when your nails grows back to natural length again.

Here is her before and after pictures that she sent me! The difference is amazing! )^o^(Nail Biting, before and after


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