I got streetsnapped! :3

This saturday i got streetsnapped buy a photojournalist, Iffit Qureshi, from Humans of Oslo. Even though it wasnt a street fashion snap it was fun! I didn’t even know we had street photographers in Norway… Ahahha

At the same time, the Fantasy cosplay convention was being held! I didn’t know that either…. But I got a cool picture with my cospayer friend, Mandy M. as female Thor 😉


Here are the photos! Hihi☆彡Me and Thor!

Fantasy cosplay convention in Norway

I was also pretty happy about my makeup, so I had a mini photshoot with myself ahahhaha (≧∇≦)But hey, I had to save a close up of it right?? Cant trust that others do it for you hahaSelfie!

Oh and BTW! my choker (??) is made from the super hot japanese brand MYOB ( Mind Your Own Business)! Link to official webshop here ~~~Her Pop-Up shop in LaForet, Harajuku is still open until 04/20! So Check it out!!  Let me know if you are interested to know how i did this look or anything else!<3


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