Hanami at Roppongi Hills with Ida <3

I haven’t been able to post anything yet since the internet connection where I live at the moment is really bad…. So now I’m sitting at Starbucks. Haha x) The well-known and to-beautyful-to-be-true Hanami-season in Japan ( the blooming of the Cherryblossoms) arrived a bit earlier this year, so good thing I got to see it, since it only last for a couple of weeks. These pictures were taken about one week ago, when Ida and I went to Roppongi Hills! Roppongi Hills is a biiiig building with shops, cafe and parks. Builded right over a big crossing. It also have an amazing view to the old Tokyo Tower, where they also have a One Piece full size exhibition right now! I gotta check that out soon….I put a link  for those who is interested in what it is here! Click on the pictures for more details ❤


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