A lot happens in Harajuku on a Saturday!

kimnofront_edited kimonoback_edited kimonocloseupfront_edited As I walked down to Harajuku this Saturday, I came across a vintage kimono shop! And, since I really love kimonos, the well made fabrics and hand crafts, I had to go inside! They had so many beautiful kimonos, and it was hard to choose which one i wanted the shop worker to take out for me… cus I couldn’t have her to take out all of those I wanted to look out….

I found this one, cus I really liked the lace pattern that made a fun twist and the color! When she asked if I wanted to try it on I could not say no… so she completely styled me up! First time for me wearing a kimono! Aaah it’s so beautiful! And only 30.000yen for the kimono included the Obi, underwear, and everything else I was wearing! It’s a really good price, but kimonos is only for winter wear, so I maybe get to wear it only once a year, plus that price is almost half of houserent….  It was a good and fun experience doh!

Fact: In summer, they have something that is called a Yukata, it looks like a kimono, only made in cotton, not silk. so much cheaper and mostly used for matsuri (festivals) 🙂

After saying goodbye and thanking the shop worker many times I continued my way to La Foret where I was supposed to meet Ida, when I saw Adidas having a  happening on the corner! I love Adidas too, so had to be checked out ofc…! They had a Adidas Supercolor event where ppl could dance on a small stage for few sec with their new shoes  ( you had to choose between 50 colors!!!) while they filmed it, and put the clip on their home page! It looked very fun, and the Adidas lady asked me if I was there to dance and that I would look good up there ( in my already flashin colors….haha)..! immediately I said “Thanx, but noooo, no no no!”. But then I thought, I am in Harajuku, Japan, Adidas is having an event, why don’t just have fun and say yes to what comes to me. Soooo I asked if the line was long, she said no, and suddenly I was behind the scene to change shoes.. hahah so embarrassing  dancing in middle of the street.. but it was fun!

I checked the link they gave me, but can’t find my clip or any of the others dancin before me, so either they are not using it or it will come later. The link for the event is here!

I finally met up with Ida, and did some small shopping before meeting up with my boyfriend  and head to Yoyogi park, when I saw U Kimura at Takeshita Station!!! Ghaaaaw I have never been starstruck before, but this girl I really adore! heleneukimura_edited She is a model for my favorite magazine, Kera magazine, a voice actor, fashion icon and have been a Harajuku Embassador ( spreading Japanese fashion and culture overseas) and have now also made her own brand that she have been working hard to accomplish! Her brand, KokoKim, can be bought at the 109 mall in Shibuya. I was also wearing one of her tights at this moment! haha I was so excited to meet her xD


2 thoughts on “A lot happens in Harajuku on a Saturday!

  1. Awww..you looks seriously good in Kimono! I did’t know the Kokokim’s founder is your friend too, what a nice meetup & everything! La Foret is surely nice too rite! ❤ ❤ ❤

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