Visiting one of Tokyo’s beautyful shrines

roppongishringegarden_editedroppongishrinepond_editedroppongishrinehahami_editedroppongishrinehanapond_editedroppongishriinefishtails_edited Right next to where I live now in Roppongi, there is a very nice shrine and grave yard. I like to come here to visit the Koi fishes and the turtles in the pond 🐱 It’s very relaxing, peaceful and beautiful! The white Koi fishes light up like a totally reflecting moon when the sun hit them! While the orange ones have a really vivid and sparkling color! I love it! The sakura trees here are also in full bloom and makes the scenery even more striking. I wish I was a real good photographer to catch the shrines beauty ❤

I bet the shrine workers who always are there to take care of the facilities wonder why this weird gaijin (foreign) girl comes to stare at the pond and then leaves again…. -.-‘  I like pretty shiny things, ok?

I won’t deny that I’m pretty easy to recognize, specially when foreigners make 1.54% of Japan’s population…! I noticed this clearly when I went to Y!mobile and the shop lady said,” Hi! are you here to change your phone deal from L to S? Come with me!”, or when I went to the bank, and the counter lady said ” Oh you are here to change the phone number in your account right??”. They remember everything haha. I love the service in Japan, as they help you with everything and fix everything for you, Makes new confusing things so much easier. Even doh they hardly speak english, they try hard ❤


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