JBCG pop-up shop at Wall, LaForet, Harajuku!

Wall at LaForet is one of my favorite shops! The brands creative design never stop impressing me, and the staff is awesome! 

Right now the brand JBCG ( Just Be Crazy Goods ) are having a Pop-Up shop at Wall! A Pop-Up shop is a shop that is selling their products as a guest for a limited time in a other shop or renting a location. 

JBCG is a L.A.  based brand that sell handmade and vintage clothes and jewelry by designer Natsuki-san. I really fell for the jewelry and just as much for the designer her self ! If you know me, why if pretty obivous ; gold, tassels, bright colors, 80’s jewelry, and it got a M.I.A feeling over it 😉 

You can check out the brand here, where you also can buy the goods! Also, please check out LaForet at their Instagram! They post a lot of inspiering photos !

Check out the photos! 


Natsuki-san and cute shop worker Yu-san!


Vintage earrings ❤


Vintage denim jacket and handmade T-shirt!


I love the look you get buy combining the choker and the feather.


She complete the look with special designed nails ❤ 

Thank you for reading! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


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