One Piece Tower!

 In April, Ida and me went to something we was looking forward to do for a long time! The One Piece Tower! 

The famous Tokyo Tower was made into a much bigger and better than expected, One Piece theme park! 

This year One Piece celebrate 15th anniversary! The park opened 13.03.15, and to be honest , I couldn’t find out if it’s still open or not….. So if you know it is, please let me know so I can add it in the text!

I wanted to post this a looong time ago, but for some reason no one of my devices would let me make this post… Driving me crazy….Before I finally made it through now!!! 

The park included life sice figures of the main characters, flash back to many of the strong mamorys that will make you cry if you have followed the story, a live show ( which was actually very good, the costumes and makeup was very well made!!!), and games based on each character! Like, test your sword skills with Zoro, shoot down the enemy with Usopp’s …..uhm whats it called that thing where you have a Y- shaped stick, a rubberband between and you pull it back to shoot the stones or whatever?….. Anyway I guess you understand. It was alot of fun! 

Here is the pictures i took!!

Waiting for Ida to come, I enjoyed a crepe filled with strawberry icecream and peaches!


How the Mugiwara’s ( Staw Hat’s) took over Tokyo Tower!


The touching scene where Usopp decides to leave the island where he grew up to follow his dreams to become a pirat!


The rescue of Robin st Enies Lobby, where Robin shows her true feelings for her crew and her life ❤


When Shanks lose his arm for rescuing Luffy when he was a kid. 


The Sunny Go! ❤


A feast with the crew! Mugiwara style!


Buggy the clown is trying to execute  me…!


Boa Hancock’s snake at the lady’s room!


Ohmygosh Law and Ace is just way to cool (/ hot ) !


And ofc, Luffy, waiting at the One Piece goods shop!


Sanji welcoming you at his resturant!


After a long day with the Muguwara’s , Ida tried her best to eat Mos Burger’s Tower Burger! And me a pizza…
If you havent seen One Piece the anime or read the manga yet, I will really recomend it! They really take you trough all the different feelings!
Thank you for letting me share this with you! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


2 thoughts on “One Piece Tower!

  1. Gosh!! That was so fun reading the post, I love everything here..everything looks cool! I’m a die-hard fan of OP too and yeah the anime really involved a lot of good values & takes you to every good feelings! is it really around the Tokyo tower, the place I mean? BTW thank you so much Helene for sharing bout this! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Aaaaah thank you Sakura!! Im so happy that you think so!
      Actually, it is inside Tokyo Tower! So when you go to Tokyo Tower and gonna buy ticket, you can choose if you want like a normal ticket, or a normal with the top floor, or a One Piece ticket !! You can also get a One Piece ticket plus top floor view point entrance! From there you can see all the way to Yokohama, with the big pretty ferries wheel! So 2 in 1 😉

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