About me


Name: Helene Nanami Ramsøe

From: Norway, live in Tokyo for the moment.

Education: Makeup Artist, Image Akademiet and Nail Technician, Tone Lise Akademiet.

I started this blog when I started my Nail Tech education  in Norway, fall 2013, but sadly neglected it… sorry…

After ended education I did not rent myself a spot in a salon, cus my goal was to save up money and move to Japan the new year 2015. I was lucky to be hired at a beauty salon for once a week to do nails, so I didn’t forget everything I learned, next to the 2 or 3 other jobs I had. In August 2014 one of my other goals in life happened, to be able to work at the Tone Lise Akademiet, where I got my Nail Tech education!

Tone Lise called me, and asked me if I still was in Norway, and wondered if I wanted to do a project with her untill I left to Japan! Never if I was gonna say no to Tone Lise. She wanted me to visit as many salons as possible in Oslo, to get new costumers and to keep contact with the already existing. After one week I felt like giving up. The feeling of intruding someone elses territory was big, and I have never been a pushy seller type.

I knew Tone Lise preferred honesty, so I told her how I felt, and that I wanted to quit since I didn’t see myself suited for the job. She told me that was one of the reasons why she wanted me to do it, since I would be able to get a friendly tone with the costumers. She also said it would be a lot easier on 2nd and 3rd visit since they then knew who I was.

So I stayed, and it did become a lot better. And I started looking forward meeting the costumers. After the new year started, ( I had moved my Japan moving date to middle of March) Tone Lise wanted me to help out in the shop, work at the Hair and Beauty expo 2015, make YouTube videos for our channel. Linn, who was my main teacher at the academy asked me to be a help teacher for the students, and also teach the english class Spa Pedicure and diseases.

The last months I have really enjoyed myself at the workplace, I learned a lot about myself and got many new first time experiences! Leaving the workplace was really hard and sad. My colleagues and students were the best! But I had to follow my dream of moving to Tokyo. So now I’m here! Looking over the amazing Tokyo skyline! I will do my best to make it here, so please wish me luck!!

And thank you for reading! haha ❤


19 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hei Helene!
    Så utrolig flott skrevet😀 Så spennende og tøft gjort av deg å bare reise nedover på andre siden av jorden alene👏Jeg ønsker deg all lykke, og jeg gleder meg til å følge deg videre. Sååå misunnelig😍God klem, Celine.
    Forresten, tusen takk for alt du lærte meg på Tone Lise. De små men likevel store betydningsfulle tingene husker jeg deg for enda. Som feks å skru på korkene på liquidene🙈😜Du er savnet!

    • Haha tusen takk Celine! Dere var en herlig klasse, og jeg regner med dere er like herlige, og enda bedre nå!
      Det var veldig skummelt å dra, men nå som jeg først er her så er det ikke skummelt lenger! Ting blir bare sånn det blir, alt er opp til en selv! ^^,
      Stå på selv med med salong arbeidet! Du er på god vei 🙂

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