JBCG pop-up shop at Wall, LaForet, Harajuku!

Wall at LaForet is one of my favorite shops! The brands creative design never stop impressing me, and the staff is awesome! 

Right now the brand JBCG ( Just Be Crazy Goods ) are having a Pop-Up shop at Wall! A Pop-Up shop is a shop that is selling their products as a guest for a limited time in a other shop or renting a location. 

JBCG is a L.A.  based brand that sell handmade and vintage clothes and jewelry by designer Natsuki-san. I really fell for the jewelry and just as much for the designer her self ! If you know me, why if pretty obivous ; gold, tassels, bright colors, 80’s jewelry, and it got a M.I.A feeling over it 😉 

You can check out the brand here, where you also can buy the goods! Also, please check out LaForet at their Instagram! They post a lot of inspiering photos !

Check out the photos! 


Natsuki-san and cute shop worker Yu-san!


Vintage earrings ❤


Vintage denim jacket and handmade T-shirt!


I love the look you get buy combining the choker and the feather.


She complete the look with special designed nails ❤ 

Thank you for reading! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


I got streetsnapped! :3

This saturday i got streetsnapped buy a photojournalist, Iffit Qureshi, from Humans of Oslo. Even though it wasnt a street fashion snap it was fun! I didn’t even know we had street photographers in Norway… Ahahha

At the same time, the Fantasy cosplay convention was being held! I didn’t know that either…. But I got a cool picture with my cospayer friend, Mandy M. as female Thor 😉


Here are the photos! Hihi☆彡Me and Thor!

Fantasy cosplay convention in Norway

I was also pretty happy about my makeup, so I had a mini photshoot with myself ahahhaha (≧∇≦)But hey, I had to save a close up of it right?? Cant trust that others do it for you hahaSelfie!

Oh and BTW! my choker (??) is made from the super hot japanese brand MYOB ( Mind Your Own Business)! Link to official webshop here ~~~Her Pop-Up shop in LaForet, Harajuku is still open until 04/20! So Check it out!!  Let me know if you are interested to know how i did this look or anything else!<3

Halloween Contest!

Hello again! Now I have just been lazy and havent posted anything in a while…. But I promised you a post about my Halloween-nails! It’s better late than never… (^_^)v

As I mentioned in the last post, we was going to have a Halloween competition at school where we got judged by creativity!

And I won the competition for the best nails! yaaay!

I worked the whole weekend plus the monday with the nails, and started making the dress (only for visual effects and not supposed to be worn ) about two weeks before. My friend was a perfect model for my idea! I’m so happy with the result, even though I wanted to do more special effects on her, but there was not enough time left…

Oh! And btw, for inspiration i googled “怖い”(kowai) ! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Please take a look at the pictures ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

I made it all of acrylics and acrylic paint plus nail polish as blood since it gave that nice droopy effect. The hardest part of making the nails was not the decoration, since that was only fun, but the nails itself. I tried to make them too big for my own nails so that there would be possible to adjust the size. But they still became way too small for me!! Omg… Impossible…

I hope you all had a really fun Halloween and took advantage of that day to be creative and do crazy stuff with makeup, clothes and nails! ❤ Please show me your pictures if you did!

Goldwell ColorZoom’13 contest in L.A.!

I’m so excited! for the second year in a row I am going to be a hairmodel for my hairdresser, Svetlana Jouini, in the hair coloring and styling competition, Goldwell ColorZoom! Today it’s 1 week until we (me, my hairdresser and a group of people working with Goldwell products), will go to Los Angeles too compete in the Goldwell ColorZoom contest!

Last year we were representing Norway in the New Talent category, as this was our first time using the products and participating. Then the event were held in London, and is one of the best things I ever experienced, so I can’t wait too se what the competition in L.A. is like!!  (≧∇≦)

In the competition you are going to recreate the hair that you made in the picture as similar as you possible can, and show that you are truly talented since you have to color the hair and then style it between the given time. There will we a lot of showing off for me ( since that is my job there) and I also has to walk on the catwalk for thousands of people… Scary. Each year they have a new theme, this year it is Beautify ( ^ω^ )

Here is their website.

Goldwell Color Zoom'13

This is our picture for this years competition! But this time they wanted us to participate in the Partner category, wich means that my hairdresser are now a partner with Goldwell! Yaaay! Congratulations! ❤ The pictures are taken by the very talented photographer, Natalia Pipkina (*^^*)

Wish us luck! ❤ o(^▽^)o

Here are last years picture!!

Goldwell ColoZoom 12'


Volume? Oh, yes!

Well, my hair curling experiment resulted in that I had to spend 40 min of my morning trying to get the rubber bands out of my hair (I recommend NOT using rubber bands in your own hair color, and probably not rubber bands at all…. Bobbypins would be much better…). I ended up with a serious afro! It’s not that I don’t like afro, I love it! But I would like my hairdresser to do it 😛 and besides i wanted more wavy curls 😐

I think it would be better if I parted my hair in bigger dots.  Haha. I managed to comb it down with some water, it helped a lot but now it’s curled at the roots and straight at the ends… I never had this much volume X)

Wanted curls. In Short hair. Hmmm…

I just found out that I wanted curls in my hair tomorrow…  And in my short hair that is not so easy, especially since I don’t want to use any heat irons in it.  Then Miley Cyrus’ 90’s hair popped up in my mind, and I thought; ” That got to give some curls! If I twist it a little bit more…”.image

So I tried it out :3 I’m waiting exciting to tomorrow morning to see what my head will look like! xD

Hoping for cute curls!

This is how I look like now! No makeup and a really wierd hair. Yaaay! Hope it looks good tomorrow….(≧∇≦)I will take a quick picture and post the result! Oyasuminasai! ❤