One Piece Tower!

 In April, Ida and me went to something we was looking forward to do for a long time! The One Piece Tower! 

The famous Tokyo Tower was made into a much bigger and better than expected, One Piece theme park! 

This year One Piece celebrate 15th anniversary! The park opened 13.03.15, and to be honest , I couldn’t find out if it’s still open or not….. So if you know it is, please let me know so I can add it in the text!

I wanted to post this a looong time ago, but for some reason no one of my devices would let me make this post… Driving me crazy….Before I finally made it through now!!! 

The park included life sice figures of the main characters, flash back to many of the strong mamorys that will make you cry if you have followed the story, a live show ( which was actually very good, the costumes and makeup was very well made!!!), and games based on each character! Like, test your sword skills with Zoro, shoot down the enemy with Usopp’s …..uhm whats it called that thing where you have a Y- shaped stick, a rubberband between and you pull it back to shoot the stones or whatever?….. Anyway I guess you understand. It was alot of fun! 

Here is the pictures i took!!

Waiting for Ida to come, I enjoyed a crepe filled with strawberry icecream and peaches!


How the Mugiwara’s ( Staw Hat’s) took over Tokyo Tower!


The touching scene where Usopp decides to leave the island where he grew up to follow his dreams to become a pirat!


The rescue of Robin st Enies Lobby, where Robin shows her true feelings for her crew and her life ❤


When Shanks lose his arm for rescuing Luffy when he was a kid. 


The Sunny Go! ❤


A feast with the crew! Mugiwara style!


Buggy the clown is trying to execute  me…!


Boa Hancock’s snake at the lady’s room!


Ohmygosh Law and Ace is just way to cool (/ hot ) !


And ofc, Luffy, waiting at the One Piece goods shop!


Sanji welcoming you at his resturant!


After a long day with the Muguwara’s , Ida tried her best to eat Mos Burger’s Tower Burger! And me a pizza…
If you havent seen One Piece the anime or read the manga yet, I will really recomend it! They really take you trough all the different feelings!
Thank you for letting me share this with you! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


The Bamboo Forest in Kamakura!

Hello again!

Now is the rainy season in Japan. One positive thing about that is that the bamboo are greener and fresher than ever! Bamboo is one of my favorite plants, so when my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to the Bamboo forest in Kamakura last weekend, I was very happy! We brought with us my room-mate Ida too :3

I’m not really sure how long the train trip was, but about 1 1/2 hour or something, so it’s a nice day trip!

sooo here is a ” small ” selection of photos ( people asked me to take a lot of photos, so I did my best). Sorry about some blurry ones, but that just gives extra charm, nee ;3

Aaaah superexcited! The entrance was a beautyful small Japanese Zen Garden.


I really love how Japan takes care of their trees, and support their branches with solid bamboo sticks when needed. But I wonder how it got that nice angle….

Do anyone know why they dress them up like this?

Pretty fish!   ><,*>


Looks like it used to be water here before the bamboo came…


In the forest, you could stop to rest and enjoy the forest while have a real hand made Matcha! Matcha is a Japanese green tea made of fine powdered greentea leafs. It is very concentrated and is very bitter. This is also the kind of tea that is used for Japanese tea cermony, and the old ladies working here use their own hands and the pretty bamboo-matcha-whip, to whip the powder and water together! Also, since its so bitter, you get Japanese sweets to have to the tea. I think this was a really nice experience, real matcha tea and amazing forest view! Everything for 700yen ( 200yen without the tea, but you need the tea…!). I would like to go back…


Aaaaah drinking tea surrounded by bamboo and new-rain-flower-aroma :3


Took a snap with the pretty flowers that seem to be in season for the moment! They are everywhere and gives a nice sent to the city air, but also in the countryside!

On our way back to the station in Kamakura ( we decided to walk instead of taking the bus –> good decision), and we found a staircase down to the river! It was really locked by a chain crossing the entrance, but an old man said we could go down if we wanted to! Yay!


Big black Koi! Further up the river we saw some bright orange ones too!


Cute house with a small tree right in front of the entrance :3

One of the many shrines to look at! some of them cost 200 yen to visit, but not this one. It was loong and steep stairs, kinda scary since it as all wet. But it made me very curious. Luckily we found a off-road way down that was much more fun 😛

On the top we was met by two very mean looking turtles and two entrances to where you could pray and give drink and food to the gods.

We came across a ceramic shop where they sold these, I fell absolutely in love with them! The picture doesn’t really show how amazing the color blending, textures and the handcrafts itself is! Apparently, they have a gallery in Minato-Ku, where i do nails! You can check their website here, if you are interested!


Aaaah I never get tired of these colorful dangly things! makes my smile every time!

On the station waiting for the train. Hmmm… is someone trying to discreetly have a Horror hotel going on here?

And ofc, since the trains stops at Yokohama, we HAD to et off there to enjoy the view of this beautiful place and eat dinner at the China Town !

In all, Kamakura is a nice place where I would like to go back, kinda of a tourist spot, but mainly japanese tourist. Many small nice shops where they sell typical Japanese items, tea shops, and buy old used Japanese things, or new hand-made ones for a good price!

Thank you for the view, I hope you liked it!

Visiting one of Tokyo’s beautyful shrines

roppongishringegarden_editedroppongishrinepond_editedroppongishrinehahami_editedroppongishrinehanapond_editedroppongishriinefishtails_edited Right next to where I live now in Roppongi, there is a very nice shrine and grave yard. I like to come here to visit the Koi fishes and the turtles in the pond 🐱 It’s very relaxing, peaceful and beautiful! The white Koi fishes light up like a totally reflecting moon when the sun hit them! While the orange ones have a really vivid and sparkling color! I love it! The sakura trees here are also in full bloom and makes the scenery even more striking. I wish I was a real good photographer to catch the shrines beauty ❤

I bet the shrine workers who always are there to take care of the facilities wonder why this weird gaijin (foreign) girl comes to stare at the pond and then leaves again…. -.-‘  I like pretty shiny things, ok?

I won’t deny that I’m pretty easy to recognize, specially when foreigners make 1.54% of Japan’s population…! I noticed this clearly when I went to Y!mobile and the shop lady said,” Hi! are you here to change your phone deal from L to S? Come with me!”, or when I went to the bank, and the counter lady said ” Oh you are here to change the phone number in your account right??”. They remember everything haha. I love the service in Japan, as they help you with everything and fix everything for you, Makes new confusing things so much easier. Even doh they hardly speak english, they try hard ❤

A lot happens in Harajuku on a Saturday!

kimnofront_edited kimonoback_edited kimonocloseupfront_edited As I walked down to Harajuku this Saturday, I came across a vintage kimono shop! And, since I really love kimonos, the well made fabrics and hand crafts, I had to go inside! They had so many beautiful kimonos, and it was hard to choose which one i wanted the shop worker to take out for me… cus I couldn’t have her to take out all of those I wanted to look out….

I found this one, cus I really liked the lace pattern that made a fun twist and the color! When she asked if I wanted to try it on I could not say no… so she completely styled me up! First time for me wearing a kimono! Aaah it’s so beautiful! And only 30.000yen for the kimono included the Obi, underwear, and everything else I was wearing! It’s a really good price, but kimonos is only for winter wear, so I maybe get to wear it only once a year, plus that price is almost half of houserent….  It was a good and fun experience doh!

Fact: In summer, they have something that is called a Yukata, it looks like a kimono, only made in cotton, not silk. so much cheaper and mostly used for matsuri (festivals) 🙂

After saying goodbye and thanking the shop worker many times I continued my way to La Foret where I was supposed to meet Ida, when I saw Adidas having a  happening on the corner! I love Adidas too, so had to be checked out ofc…! They had a Adidas Supercolor event where ppl could dance on a small stage for few sec with their new shoes  ( you had to choose between 50 colors!!!) while they filmed it, and put the clip on their home page! It looked very fun, and the Adidas lady asked me if I was there to dance and that I would look good up there ( in my already flashin colors….haha)..! immediately I said “Thanx, but noooo, no no no!”. But then I thought, I am in Harajuku, Japan, Adidas is having an event, why don’t just have fun and say yes to what comes to me. Soooo I asked if the line was long, she said no, and suddenly I was behind the scene to change shoes.. hahah so embarrassing  dancing in middle of the street.. but it was fun!

I checked the link they gave me, but can’t find my clip or any of the others dancin before me, so either they are not using it or it will come later. The link for the event is here!

I finally met up with Ida, and did some small shopping before meeting up with my boyfriend  and head to Yoyogi park, when I saw U Kimura at Takeshita Station!!! Ghaaaaw I have never been starstruck before, but this girl I really adore! heleneukimura_edited She is a model for my favorite magazine, Kera magazine, a voice actor, fashion icon and have been a Harajuku Embassador ( spreading Japanese fashion and culture overseas) and have now also made her own brand that she have been working hard to accomplish! Her brand, KokoKim, can be bought at the 109 mall in Shibuya. I was also wearing one of her tights at this moment! haha I was so excited to meet her xD

Hanami at Roppongi Hills with Ida <3

I haven’t been able to post anything yet since the internet connection where I live at the moment is really bad…. So now I’m sitting at Starbucks. Haha x) The well-known and to-beautyful-to-be-true Hanami-season in Japan ( the blooming of the Cherryblossoms) arrived a bit earlier this year, so good thing I got to see it, since it only last for a couple of weeks. These pictures were taken about one week ago, when Ida and I went to Roppongi Hills! Roppongi Hills is a biiiig building with shops, cafe and parks. Builded right over a big crossing. It also have an amazing view to the old Tokyo Tower, where they also have a One Piece full size exhibition right now! I gotta check that out soon….I put a link  for those who is interested in what it is here! Click on the pictures for more details ❤