New nails that I made!

My costumers at Mystery Queen, the salon where I work, are very cute and kind, and I enjoy practicing my very bad japanese with them alot! Here is what I have done recently 🙂 Sorry for being bad at updating….

For booking at Mystery Queen, visit their page, here.

image image

Asian nailbeds… So long… Here after Removing Gelish! Look how clean and nice!

image image


*~Ocean Blue Fading ~*


It was time for me too to change my nails, and since I had a lot of blue tones from IBD Just gel and Gelish I wanted to use them together!


Ofc, since I usually can’t just leave things as it is, I mixed the colors a bit, added more yellow in the dark blue and made the color on the free-edge more transparent, and added a bit of white to the middle color. And finished it all of with gold and a orange stone in the contrast color ( almost contrast color..), aaand a bit of glitter!
For this fading I used my Gelish brush 🙂

I hope you like it! Nyaaa~ (^o^)v  bye bye!

Layered pastel marble art!

This nice costumer wanted the same marble nails as I was wearing!


I love doing marble art, usually I drip the gel colors I want on the nail plate and carefully mix them together, but this time I did a layering technique. That means that first I applied the yellow how I wanted it, cured it, then the red, cured it, and so on until I was finished and the costumer and I was happy with the result.

Its very easy, quick and fun technique that gives best result with transparent colors, where you can see the layering and they build up!

My lates nail work

I have just started to do nails here in Japan, at a salon named Mystery Queen. It’s located in Roppongi, so easy acces from Shibuya or Harajuku. You can check out the website here.

natural acrylics

color blockPastel yellow french t

My first costumer was a really nice and kind costumer. She is doing massage, and have rills in her nail plate, so she just wanted something short and clean. I used Coverpink and Blisspink acrylics from Harmony to give a very natural look.

A other costumer wanted colorblock nail art, which I never tried before, and the third one wanted a nice summer look 🙂

I did do a set of kawaii nails too, but I forgot to take a picture…. Buuuuh.

I hope you like what I have done so far!

Sharp and cute!!

A friend of mine wanted me to do some long and sharp nails on her, but not full lenght, so I would probably call it ” almost stillettos”.
It’s been forever since I last did acrylics ( except from friday…) so my techniques arekinda rusty, and white-pigmented acrylics dries faster than many others haha. But I think it turned out pretty well anyway (*^o^*)

Thumbs detail shot

Sharp and cute!