I found some more pretty nails! (#^.^#)

Neon Nails

Here are some really cool neon nails from a girl who works at a karaoke place in Shinjuku!  I love the bright and fresh neon colors with the sweet details! ❤

Cute Bows <3

These nails here I found at the Adidas shop in Shibuya! In Norway, a sporty girl, or most girl, would never wear nail art! I wish more western girls would be as feminine as the asian girls! Almost everyone here wear skirts or dresses and heals or sandals! Of course there are sporty and tomboyish girls here too, but they too usually dress up more! Home in Norway I usually feel so dressed up, but here, in Japan, I almost feel dressed down if I don’t wear a fully styled outfit. You know, just a dress, some flip flops and earings.

So I think it was so cool that the girl working at Adidas also had pretty nails ❤ How are the girls in your country? Do they dress well everyday too? ( ^ω^ )


My old artwork!

I have done a lot of nail art the past year that I want to show you. These are my personal favorites. Sorry for some crappy photos, but it wasn’t so easy to take the pictures with the iPad (I didn’t have a camera…) and I usually did it at night. :3  But I tried my best to edit  the light and stuff.

Click on the photos for more details!! Hope you like them! (#^.^#)

P.S: This is the last time I will post something old, haha 😛 I should have started a blog long time ago….