Beautiful summer nails found in Tokyo!




A while ago I found these super cute nails! This time in a restaurant in Harajuku and the fresh Ariel nail art at a cute shop in Shibuya!

I really would like to see how all of them was made!

じゃ~ またね~!


Toyko nails!

Aaaaah lately I have been busy with my Japanese studies that I do everyday at ARC-Academy, and homework after that! And, walking home from school in Tokyo is almost like walking home when I was in preschool…. Stop and look at everything and playing with friends and finding new ways that usually take more time to get home… Yup. For the moment now I live with my host family in Harajuku, and like that a lot! But walking trough Harajuku on way home ( or just walking anywhere in Tokyo generally), suddenly all my time is gone and I almost have no time for homework! I never understand where the time went…. Oh well しょうがない!

Enought of that!

I have taken some nail pictures of a few shop workers from 109 mall in Shibuya! They are really pretty!

I want to take more photos of Tokyo nails, but the shop workers are usually so nice to talk with, and they show you all this nice stuff and suddenly your wallet hurts a bit! So I kinda try to avoid going into shops xD but that won’t give me more nail, so I guess I’ll just have to be more strict…. Haha

Please take a look! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ.。.:*☆.。.:*☆

image image image

Summer fresh gel nails!

Sorryyyyy I have abondened the blog lately… Again… f^_^;) shame on me!

I will now the next days post some gel nails I have done recently! Hope you like them! ❤ ☆彡

Here are the nails I did for my cousin, I’m really happy with the colors that I had to mix myself since i dont have many gel colors….

My cousin chose the design from Eriko Kurosaki’s gel nail book (黒崎えり子、かわいいジェルネイルBOOK).

Pink Marble nails!

Got hired in a Nail Salon!

Hey guys!! I got great news! *\(^o^)/*

I just got hired in a beauty salon to do gel nails once a week! The name of the salon is Beauty Secrets, located in the middle of Karl Johan in Oslo,  and they offer a wide range of facial treatments, waxing,  removing unwanted fat, and of course Gel Nails!! This position is perfect for me since I get to practice gel nails a lot ( thats what’s most used in Japan) and I can still work at my two other jobs that I really like, Kindergarten and the clothing shop my boss runs, Image, at Strømmen Storsenter.  Yaaaaay! I’m so lucky! ❤ ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

I will have my first day on Thursday the 24th April, and the first 3 months I will take apprentice prizes, so come and get your nails done by me at Beauty Secrets! ❤

Here are the nails I did for my interview! Nude Nail Art

I found some more pretty nails! (#^.^#)

Neon Nails

Here are some really cool neon nails from a girl who works at a karaoke place in Shinjuku!  I love the bright and fresh neon colors with the sweet details! ❤

Cute Bows <3

These nails here I found at the Adidas shop in Shibuya! In Norway, a sporty girl, or most girl, would never wear nail art! I wish more western girls would be as feminine as the asian girls! Almost everyone here wear skirts or dresses and heals or sandals! Of course there are sporty and tomboyish girls here too, but they too usually dress up more! Home in Norway I usually feel so dressed up, but here, in Japan, I almost feel dressed down if I don’t wear a fully styled outfit. You know, just a dress, some flip flops and earings.

So I think it was so cool that the girl working at Adidas also had pretty nails ❤ How are the girls in your country? Do they dress well everyday too? ( ^ω^ )