JBCG pop-up shop at Wall, LaForet, Harajuku!

Wall at LaForet is one of my favorite shops! The brands creative design never stop impressing me, and the staff is awesome! 

Right now the brand JBCG ( Just Be Crazy Goods ) are having a Pop-Up shop at Wall! A Pop-Up shop is a shop that is selling their products as a guest for a limited time in a other shop or renting a location. 

JBCG is a L.A.  based brand that sell handmade and vintage clothes and jewelry by designer Natsuki-san. I really fell for the jewelry and just as much for the designer her self ! If you know me, why if pretty obivous ; gold, tassels, bright colors, 80’s jewelry, and it got a M.I.A feeling over it 😉 

You can check out the brand here, where you also can buy the goods! Also, please check out LaForet at their Instagram! They post a lot of inspiering photos !

Check out the photos! 


Natsuki-san and cute shop worker Yu-san!


Vintage earrings ❤


Vintage denim jacket and handmade T-shirt!


I love the look you get buy combining the choker and the feather.


She complete the look with special designed nails ❤ 

Thank you for reading! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ


Beautiful summer nails found in Tokyo!




A while ago I found these super cute nails! This time in a restaurant in Harajuku and the fresh Ariel nail art at a cute shop in Shibuya!

I really would like to see how all of them was made!

じゃ~ またね~!

Toyko nails!

Aaaaah lately I have been busy with my Japanese studies that I do everyday at ARC-Academy, and homework after that! And, walking home from school in Tokyo is almost like walking home when I was in preschool…. Stop and look at everything and playing with friends and finding new ways that usually take more time to get home… Yup. For the moment now I live with my host family in Harajuku, and like that a lot! But walking trough Harajuku on way home ( or just walking anywhere in Tokyo generally), suddenly all my time is gone and I almost have no time for homework! I never understand where the time went…. Oh well しょうがない!

Enought of that!

I have taken some nail pictures of a few shop workers from 109 mall in Shibuya! They are really pretty!

I want to take more photos of Tokyo nails, but the shop workers are usually so nice to talk with, and they show you all this nice stuff and suddenly your wallet hurts a bit! So I kinda try to avoid going into shops xD but that won’t give me more nail, so I guess I’ll just have to be more strict…. Haha

Please take a look! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ.。.:*☆.。.:*☆

image image image

A lot happens in Harajuku on a Saturday!

kimnofront_edited kimonoback_edited kimonocloseupfront_edited As I walked down to Harajuku this Saturday, I came across a vintage kimono shop! And, since I really love kimonos, the well made fabrics and hand crafts, I had to go inside! They had so many beautiful kimonos, and it was hard to choose which one i wanted the shop worker to take out for me… cus I couldn’t have her to take out all of those I wanted to look out….

I found this one, cus I really liked the lace pattern that made a fun twist and the color! When she asked if I wanted to try it on I could not say no… so she completely styled me up! First time for me wearing a kimono! Aaah it’s so beautiful! And only 30.000yen for the kimono included the Obi, underwear, and everything else I was wearing! It’s a really good price, but kimonos is only for winter wear, so I maybe get to wear it only once a year, plus that price is almost half of houserent….  It was a good and fun experience doh!

Fact: In summer, they have something that is called a Yukata, it looks like a kimono, only made in cotton, not silk. so much cheaper and mostly used for matsuri (festivals) 🙂

After saying goodbye and thanking the shop worker many times I continued my way to La Foret where I was supposed to meet Ida, when I saw Adidas having a  happening on the corner! I love Adidas too, so had to be checked out ofc…! They had a Adidas Supercolor event where ppl could dance on a small stage for few sec with their new shoes  ( you had to choose between 50 colors!!!) while they filmed it, and put the clip on their home page! It looked very fun, and the Adidas lady asked me if I was there to dance and that I would look good up there ( in my already flashin colors….haha)..! immediately I said “Thanx, but noooo, no no no!”. But then I thought, I am in Harajuku, Japan, Adidas is having an event, why don’t just have fun and say yes to what comes to me. Soooo I asked if the line was long, she said no, and suddenly I was behind the scene to change shoes.. hahah so embarrassing  dancing in middle of the street.. but it was fun!

I checked the link they gave me, but can’t find my clip or any of the others dancin before me, so either they are not using it or it will come later. The link for the event is here!

I finally met up with Ida, and did some small shopping before meeting up with my boyfriend  and head to Yoyogi park, when I saw U Kimura at Takeshita Station!!! Ghaaaaw I have never been starstruck before, but this girl I really adore! heleneukimura_edited She is a model for my favorite magazine, Kera magazine, a voice actor, fashion icon and have been a Harajuku Embassador ( spreading Japanese fashion and culture overseas) and have now also made her own brand that she have been working hard to accomplish! Her brand, KokoKim, can be bought at the 109 mall in Shibuya. I was also wearing one of her tights at this moment! haha I was so excited to meet her xD

Self decorated eyelashes!

When I was in Japan, or more precisely Harajuku, they sold self decorated eyelashes! Some with glitter and stars, and even someone who looked blood dripping! So creepy, and so cool! Also, they look really good on! For me, who got green eyes, the green glitter lashes really got my eyes to pop!

Then I thought to myself, ” I can make these kind of lashes on my own with nail polish! :3 “. So I bought some eyelashes that I thought would give the best result. I picked up Jun Komori’s eyemazing nr 102. They are spiky, but not too spiky, and a bit cateye-ish.Jun Kamari Eyemazing Clean Eyelashes

To apply the polish, it is useful too have a tweezer to hold the lash in place and a dotting tool to apply with.Tools good to have

I thought that blood dripping eyelashes sounds so cool/ creepy, so I had ro try it!  What do you think? (^ω^)IsaDora, Bloody Red

Here are some dark blue glitter lashes! I also applied some blue stones at the tip of the lashes, and some black for more effect.LaSplash, Glitter Blue

I really like the green glitter lashes too! Can’t wait to try them!Nyx, Glitter Green

These cute candy colored glitter flakes really gives the kawaii touch!Sweet Multicolor

I am sorry that I don’t have pictures with the lashes applied, but as soon as I have the chance, I will put them on, take a picture and give them to you!! *\(^o^)/*

I think that the result might would be better with lashes that had thicker hair and not so flair. I will try more experimenting with different types of lashes.

Please let me know what you think, and if you try to make them yourself I would like to see them! ^^, you can be much more creative than I was! ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


Got my nails done in Japan!

I have been home from Japan for almost 10 days now, and it is kinda depressing actually… I really miss Japan and can’t wait to get back there! Also, I didn’t get to blog as much as I hoped too, but I’ll write some now. Better late than never, right?

One of our last days in Japan, Ida and I went to get our nails done at TK Nail Palette in Shibuya, right before we were going to climb Mount Fuji, haha ( I think I will make a post about Fuji-san later). This wery stylish salon, and nail art school, are not so easy to be found, as it is at 3rd floor next to a parking house. But some of the girls who work there speaks really good english, and they are really talented! And so cute too! (*^o^*)

TK Palette Helene

I really adore my new nails! I’m so glad that gel nails keeps their finnish so good for so long! Yaaay! Love them! ❤  p( ^ω^ )q

TK Palette Ida

Ida wanted something simpler and cleaner, and I think that the colors and style really suites her well! So cute!

Thank you TK Nail Palette for making our nails beautiful!(*^◯^*) Here are their website : http://tkpalette.jp/

Oh!One last thing! On our last saturday in Japan, we went to La Foret, Harajuku again, and the shop girl whose nails I posted before, came running towards me and said ; “Look! I got new nails now! *\(^∇^)/*”. She is so sweet and cool!! Here are her nails ❤ Gotta love the holographic :3

La Forete, Harajuku

Kawaii Shop Worker Nails!

Kawaii shop worker nails!

OK, I promised some photos of japanese girls nails and clothes, but I haven’t been so good at it. But here are some very typical and kawaii gel nails of a shop worker in Harajuku, La Foret!

I think they are so sweet and I really like the finnish you get using gel. there are so many different ways to work that gives different finishes to the look! I think choosing the materials are just as important as the design!