Hime-nails ☆彡

This time I did some gel nails with marbling in pink tones, even though it look more red ish in the photo ( and yes, I really like marble nails :3 ), with  tiara style decoration. I really like the contrast between the blue colors and the pink colors! Hope you like them too! 🙂

Marble gel nails with tiara style decoration


Summer fresh gel nails!

Sorryyyyy I have abondened the blog lately… Again… f^_^;) shame on me!

I will now the next days post some gel nails I have done recently! Hope you like them! ❤ ☆彡

Here are the nails I did for my cousin, I’m really happy with the colors that I had to mix myself since i dont have many gel colors….

My cousin chose the design from Eriko Kurosaki’s gel nail book (黒崎えり子、かわいいジェルネイルBOOK).

Pink Marble nails!