New nails that I made!

My costumers at Mystery Queen, the salon where I work, are very cute and kind, and I enjoy practicing my very bad japanese with them alot! Here is what I have done recently 🙂 Sorry for being bad at updating….

For booking at Mystery Queen, visit their page, here.

image image

Asian nailbeds… So long… Here after Removing Gelish! Look how clean and nice!

image image


Summer fresh gel nails!

Sorryyyyy I have abondened the blog lately… Again… f^_^;) shame on me!

I will now the next days post some gel nails I have done recently! Hope you like them! ❤ ☆彡

Here are the nails I did for my cousin, I’m really happy with the colors that I had to mix myself since i dont have many gel colors….

My cousin chose the design from Eriko Kurosaki’s gel nail book (黒崎えり子、かわいいジェルネイルBOOK).

Pink Marble nails!

School work summary!

Hello! Sorry for not posting anything the last two weeks, I hoped that I would post anything while I was in L.A., but that was not possible… The schedule was packed the whole week!

If you want to see photos, here is a link to Goldwell Norways official Facebook album! Pictures of me is in the second half of the album, btw 🙂

This is a summary of what I been doing the week before I left and this week ^^, It is not so much ( I often forgot to take picture of my clients nails…) but it’s something! The same week as I was leaving the country we had an red-nailpolish competition in our class, and I won! Yay! 😀 I was quite suprised since under practise (we had 1 hour practise time) I almost gave up and wanted to drop the competition 😛 Glad I didn’t. Haha

I also did my nails for the Goldwell Colorzoom hair coloring competition, and one of the clients who just had her nails done said she wanted the same as mine next time! I was so excited! Finally some clients that want design on their nails ^^,

A friend of mine wanted her nails done for the first time! She is a hairdresser, and we both thought that natural acrylic nails would be best for her, since french would probably get discolored of all the hair coloring ( she told me that her nails usually get ugly due to hair coloring).  The good thing about all natural acrylic nails is that you can’t paint them in what color you want and change color without ruin the acrylics. As long as you use acetone free nailpolish-remover though.

Here are some photos!  Please click on the pictures for more details (#^.^#)

I am finally going too Japan!!!

wooaaa!! Finally! The big day is here! I am now waiting for check in at the airport in Helsinki. We will arrive Narita airport at 8.55 am, so that means we got the whole day in Tokyo!

I wanted to bring with me as little as possible from home so I can bring as much as possible back home :3 mehe ❤

Sooo about my nails. Of course I had to do them before I leave! The design was pretty random. I chose some colors that got my attention the most and practically just started painting a french style on some of the nails.

When I design the nails with the glitter and rhinestones I usually coordinate the decorarion the way I feel is esthetic to the nailshape and length of the nail. And what kind of mood I’m in. So yeah, it’s pretty random :3 Let me know  what you think! ^^,