*~Ocean Blue Fading ~*


It was time for me too to change my nails, and since I had a lot of blue tones from IBD Just gel and Gelish I wanted to use them together!


Ofc, since I usually can’t just leave things as it is, I mixed the colors a bit, added more yellow in the dark blue and made the color on the free-edge more transparent, and added a bit of white to the middle color. And finished it all of with gold and a orange stone in the contrast color ( almost contrast color..), aaand a bit of glitter!
For this fading I used my Gelish brush 🙂

I hope you like it! Nyaaa~ (^o^)v  bye bye!


Beautiful summer nails found in Tokyo!




A while ago I found these super cute nails! This time in a restaurant in Harajuku and the fresh Ariel nail art at a cute shop in Shibuya!

I really would like to see how all of them was made!

じゃ~ またね~!

Painted nail art, not easy!

Woop woop! Hello girls!

Lately I have been really wanting to be able to make those anime character looking nails, but some of them I don’t quite understand how they make or what kind of painting they use since the color graduation and lines are so fine!

Do you know what type of techniques that’s used to make this kind of nails?

Well, for now all i can do is to practice on perfecting my strokes. I realized I have a looong way to go before I get as good as the nail art technicians in Japan!! Haha

My first attempt was Naruto. I tried to copy a nail I found on Google. It isn’t that bad, but the strokes need to be waaaay finer than this! !(◎_◎;) I also managed to drag out some of the lines with my top coat… Naruto! <3

Yesterday I practised on my own nails, and I found out that it’s actually easier for me to work in smaller scales that on a bigger nail tip. Plus that I suck at drawing eyes. Anyway, now i know that i need to practice on!Drawing practice!

I want to make cute anime nails!! (≧∇≦)

My school work up till now!

I have been going to nail technician school ( Tone Lise akademiet) for 4 weeks now and we have learned, and still are learning (!!) how to do Gelish manicure and pedicure and acrylics!

Here are some pictures of what I have made untill now ^_^ Most of them are requests from my clients who are coming to our student salon 🙂 At the pictures with two hands, I have cooperated with one pf my classmates since we are still too slow to make a whole set! xD haha

Also, the set with 3D art was my first try in 3D art! I just wanted to practice brush control with the acrylic and didn’t expect it to work, so I’m really happy with it (^ω^)

Pleas click on the pictures for details (#^.^#)

Kawaii Shop Worker Nails!

Kawaii shop worker nails!

OK, I promised some photos of japanese girls nails and clothes, but I haven’t been so good at it. But here are some very typical and kawaii gel nails of a shop worker in Harajuku, La Foret!

I think they are so sweet and I really like the finnish you get using gel. there are so many different ways to work that gives different finishes to the look! I think choosing the materials are just as important as the design!