Layered pastel marble art!

This nice costumer wanted the same marble nails as I was wearing!


I love doing marble art, usually I drip the gel colors I want on the nail plate and carefully mix them together, but this time I did a layering technique. That means that first I applied the yellow how I wanted it, cured it, then the red, cured it, and so on until I was finished and the costumer and I was happy with the result.

Its very easy, quick and fun technique that gives best result with transparent colors, where you can see the layering and they build up!


Gold And Pearl <3

Here is some red coral and wine red (?) that I did. My friend had some nail decoration that she bought in Japan that she wanted me to use! Gold and pearl is a real nice combo that she brought with her, don’t you think??

Gold and pearl <3

I really like the heavy detail on her thumbs<3

Gold and Pearl detail

Summer fresh gel nails!

Sorryyyyy I have abondened the blog lately… Again… f^_^;) shame on me!

I will now the next days post some gel nails I have done recently! Hope you like them! ❤ ☆彡

Here are the nails I did for my cousin, I’m really happy with the colors that I had to mix myself since i dont have many gel colors….

My cousin chose the design from Eriko Kurosaki’s gel nail book (黒崎えり子、かわいいジェルネイルBOOK).

Pink Marble nails!

Kawaii Shop Worker Nails!

Kawaii shop worker nails!

OK, I promised some photos of japanese girls nails and clothes, but I haven’t been so good at it. But here are some very typical and kawaii gel nails of a shop worker in Harajuku, La Foret!

I think they are so sweet and I really like the finnish you get using gel. there are so many different ways to work that gives different finishes to the look! I think choosing the materials are just as important as the design!