Got my nails done in Japan!

I have been home from Japan for almost 10 days now, and it is kinda depressing actually… I really miss Japan and can’t wait to get back there! Also, I didn’t get to blog as much as I hoped too, but I’ll write some now. Better late than never, right?

One of our last days in Japan, Ida and I went to get our nails done at TK Nail Palette in Shibuya, right before we were going to climb Mount Fuji, haha ( I think I will make a post about Fuji-san later). This wery stylish salon, and nail art school, are not so easy to be found, as it is at 3rd floor next to a parking house. But some of the girls who work there speaks really good english, and they are really talented! And so cute too! (*^o^*)

TK Palette Helene

I really adore my new nails! I’m so glad that gel nails keeps their finnish so good for so long! Yaaay! Love them! ❤  p( ^ω^ )q

TK Palette Ida

Ida wanted something simpler and cleaner, and I think that the colors and style really suites her well! So cute!

Thank you TK Nail Palette for making our nails beautiful!(*^◯^*) Here are their website :

Oh!One last thing! On our last saturday in Japan, we went to La Foret, Harajuku again, and the shop girl whose nails I posted before, came running towards me and said ; “Look! I got new nails now! *\(^∇^)/*”. She is so sweet and cool!! Here are her nails ❤ Gotta love the holographic :3

La Forete, Harajuku


I found some more pretty nails! (#^.^#)

Neon Nails

Here are some really cool neon nails from a girl who works at a karaoke place in Shinjuku!  I love the bright and fresh neon colors with the sweet details! ❤

Cute Bows <3

These nails here I found at the Adidas shop in Shibuya! In Norway, a sporty girl, or most girl, would never wear nail art! I wish more western girls would be as feminine as the asian girls! Almost everyone here wear skirts or dresses and heals or sandals! Of course there are sporty and tomboyish girls here too, but they too usually dress up more! Home in Norway I usually feel so dressed up, but here, in Japan, I almost feel dressed down if I don’t wear a fully styled outfit. You know, just a dress, some flip flops and earings.

So I think it was so cool that the girl working at Adidas also had pretty nails ❤ How are the girls in your country? Do they dress well everyday too? ( ^ω^ )