*~Ocean Blue Fading ~*


It was time for me too to change my nails, and since I had a lot of blue tones from IBD Just gel and Gelish I wanted to use them together!


Ofc, since I usually can’t just leave things as it is, I mixed the colors a bit, added more yellow in the dark blue and made the color on the free-edge more transparent, and added a bit of white to the middle color. And finished it all of with gold and a orange stone in the contrast color ( almost contrast color..), aaand a bit of glitter!
For this fading I used my Gelish brush 🙂

I hope you like it! Nyaaa~ (^o^)v  bye bye!


Beautiful summer nails found in Tokyo!




A while ago I found these super cute nails! This time in a restaurant in Harajuku and the fresh Ariel nail art at a cute shop in Shibuya!

I really would like to see how all of them was made!

じゃ~ またね~!

My lates nail work

I have just started to do nails here in Japan, at a salon named Mystery Queen. It’s located in Roppongi, so easy acces from Shibuya or Harajuku. You can check out the website here.

natural acrylics

color blockPastel yellow french t

My first costumer was a really nice and kind costumer. She is doing massage, and have rills in her nail plate, so she just wanted something short and clean. I used Coverpink and Blisspink acrylics from Harmony to give a very natural look.

A other costumer wanted colorblock nail art, which I never tried before, and the third one wanted a nice summer look 🙂

I did do a set of kawaii nails too, but I forgot to take a picture…. Buuuuh.

I hope you like what I have done so far!

Toyko nails!

Aaaaah lately I have been busy with my Japanese studies that I do everyday at ARC-Academy, and homework after that! And, walking home from school in Tokyo is almost like walking home when I was in preschool…. Stop and look at everything and playing with friends and finding new ways that usually take more time to get home… Yup. For the moment now I live with my host family in Harajuku, and like that a lot! But walking trough Harajuku on way home ( or just walking anywhere in Tokyo generally), suddenly all my time is gone and I almost have no time for homework! I never understand where the time went…. Oh well しょうがない!

Enought of that!

I have taken some nail pictures of a few shop workers from 109 mall in Shibuya! They are really pretty!

I want to take more photos of Tokyo nails, but the shop workers are usually so nice to talk with, and they show you all this nice stuff and suddenly your wallet hurts a bit! So I kinda try to avoid going into shops xD but that won’t give me more nail, so I guess I’ll just have to be more strict…. Haha

Please take a look! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ.。.:*☆.。.:*☆

image image image

Visiting one of Tokyo’s beautyful shrines

roppongishringegarden_editedroppongishrinepond_editedroppongishrinehahami_editedroppongishrinehanapond_editedroppongishriinefishtails_edited Right next to where I live now in Roppongi, there is a very nice shrine and grave yard. I like to come here to visit the Koi fishes and the turtles in the pond 🐱 It’s very relaxing, peaceful and beautiful! The white Koi fishes light up like a totally reflecting moon when the sun hit them! While the orange ones have a really vivid and sparkling color! I love it! The sakura trees here are also in full bloom and makes the scenery even more striking. I wish I was a real good photographer to catch the shrines beauty ❤

I bet the shrine workers who always are there to take care of the facilities wonder why this weird gaijin (foreign) girl comes to stare at the pond and then leaves again…. -.-‘  I like pretty shiny things, ok?

I won’t deny that I’m pretty easy to recognize, specially when foreigners make 1.54% of Japan’s population…! I noticed this clearly when I went to Y!mobile and the shop lady said,” Hi! are you here to change your phone deal from L to S? Come with me!”, or when I went to the bank, and the counter lady said ” Oh you are here to change the phone number in your account right??”. They remember everything haha. I love the service in Japan, as they help you with everything and fix everything for you, Makes new confusing things so much easier. Even doh they hardly speak english, they try hard ❤

Hanami at Roppongi Hills with Ida <3

I haven’t been able to post anything yet since the internet connection where I live at the moment is really bad…. So now I’m sitting at Starbucks. Haha x) The well-known and to-beautyful-to-be-true Hanami-season in Japan ( the blooming of the Cherryblossoms) arrived a bit earlier this year, so good thing I got to see it, since it only last for a couple of weeks. These pictures were taken about one week ago, when Ida and I went to Roppongi Hills! Roppongi Hills is a biiiig building with shops, cafe and parks. Builded right over a big crossing. It also have an amazing view to the old Tokyo Tower, where they also have a One Piece full size exhibition right now! I gotta check that out soon….I put a link  for those who is interested in what it is here! Click on the pictures for more details ❤

Cooking in Tokyo with Mari

Cooking class with Mari Cooking class with Mari, group photo



This Wednesday ( 17th July) me and my friends had a japanese cooking class! Mari, who were our cooking teacher was so nice! Together we made Okonomiyaki, also known as japanese pancakes, Onigiri, Sunomono ( japanese pickled salad), Dashi soup and Miso soup.  We all got to take the recipe back with us, wich is really nice so we can try them at home!

The course was held in Mari’s own home, and we also had a man from Sweden taken the course with us! It was really fun to have someone who we could talk norwegian with( norwegian and swedish people can speak our own language to each other and we understand what the other part are saying! ).

One of the reasons we wanted to take this cooking course was so we could learn more about traditional japanese home-made dishes and how to use the weird ingredients we have no idea what is. there was specially one that stood out, and that was something they called Chinese Yam. I think it is a kind of root vegetable that you peel like a carrot. The big difference is that when you peel, it get slimy and slippery as a soap! Even your fingers are dripping with slime, haha, kinda grose 😛 After you have peeled it you had to rasp it. Then it become just slime! And it is the slime you want! It makes the Okonomiyaki fluffy and foamy, almost like when you whip the white in the egg. But Mari then told us that it’s better to not use the Chinese Yam at all rather than replacing it, if you can’t find it in your home country. Good to know.

We all really enjoyed this cooking course and had a lot of fun! Mari is so nice and the food tasted so good! We really felt welcomed in her house. If you ever are in Tokyo, I highly recommend you taking this course!

If you are curious and want to know more, here is her blog; http://japanesecookingclasstokyo.wordpress.com/ Please check it out! ❤